Elasticsearch-rails and related gems: feels like abandoned

I have been using ES for over two years now.
I have it as data store for a Rails app.

I love ES and I like the Ruby gems that connect your Ruby or Rails apps to ES.

However, I cannot avoid a sensation of frustration. Some developers have found some serious issues with the gems and have spent their time to provide small but very necessary fixes, including myself.

What I can see on GitHub https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-rails is:

  • 188 open issues, the oldest one being from 26 April 2014: well over three years
  • 61 open PR, the oldest one being from 21 May 2014: again well over three years.

I cannot avoid the sensation of lack of maintenance of these gems.

You can have a look by yourself at the issues. Sure there will be some related to lack of knowledge of the Gem and perhaps of ES. There is for instance one issue asking why there is no es:migrate, the equivalent of Rails db:migrate.

But there are some which can seem like little and unimportant things:

  • after_find callback is not called for ActiveRecord pattern
  • persist attributes changed by callbacks such as before_update, before_saved

But issues like these are key to data consistency in the application.

As said, PR's that fix many issues have been sitting for months and there are no signs of any change: no feedback, no request to add or update a test, no feedback to work on al alternative solution.

Are rails developers punished for life to maintain their forks that fix some of these issues forever?

Hi @jogaco,

first of all, thanks for the feedback! You are right that the maintenance of the Rails integrations repository is lagging behind the open issues and pull requests. This is not due the lack of commitment on our side, but due to difficulties with addressing the workload.

A particular problem with many PRs is that it takes quite some time and back-and-forth discussion about the motivation for the change, adding documentation, adding tests, and all those "small details" which are important for keeping the released Rubygems stable. That is the highest priority when it comes to the Rails collection of gems: don't break people's applications.

We will definitely try to address the maintenance of the Rails integrations repository in the near future: hopefully the situation will improve soon!


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