Elasticsearch restore cluster with TLS enabled

Hello! we have Elasticsearch 7.10.2 cluster in Delhi ( with InterNode tls and users enabled ) and we want to move cluster data onto another location ( Dubai )
and how to backup all data except security indices? because i don't want to move any users/passwords to new cluster, i want to use this without authorization


You need to use Snapshot and Restore functionality of Elasticsearch.

You can create snapshot by follwing this documentation. You can take snapshots of an entire cluster, including all its data streams and indices. You can also take snapshots of only specific data streams or indices in the cluster.

You can resotre snapshot by following this documentation. as mentioned in documentation you can restore snapshot in other cluster as well.

The information stored in a snapshot is not tied to a particular cluster or a cluster name. Therefore, it’s possible to restore a snapshot created from one cluster into another cluster by registering the repository that contains the snapshot in the new cluster and starting the restore process.

yeah i know about this, but what can i do in case of authorization enabled on remote cluster? i want to restore only data, but nor the security indices

you can provide only your data index name (comma seperated) when you take snapshot and exclude security indices.

PUT /_snapshot/my_backup/snapshot_2?wait_for_completion=true
  "indices": "data_stream_1,index_1,index_2",
  "ignore_unavailable": true

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