Elasticsearch restore not working

Im trying to restore a snapshot, Im getting below error:

curl -u admin:password -XPOST "localhost:9200/_snapshot/backup_16OCT2016/snapshot_1/_restore" -d '{
"indices": "search",
"ignore_unavailable": true,
"include_global_state": false

{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"security_exception","reason":"no permissions for cluster:admin/snapshot/restore"}]
,"type":"security_exception","reason":"no permissions for cluster:admin/snapshot/restore"},"status":403}

Tried role mappings, but no luck? Any help is appreciated

You are using Shield?

Im using search guard, I seeing below error in syslog:

elasticsearch[19411]: [2016-10-18 12:41:24,291][WARN ][com.floragunn.searchguard.configuration.PrivilegesEvaluator] cluste
r:admin/snapshot/restore is not allowed for a regular user.

I see. May be open an issue in their repo?

I don't know this project and it's not supported by elastic.