Elasticsearch running in a docker container: How identify it as target for log events?

Dear community,
I am askig myself this: I have as test a docker-compose.yml up & running with 5 nodes - 3 es node, 1 kibana, 1 logstash. Each and everyone in its container. So far so good. Now I wanted to send from a vm a log event to that cluster. To do so, I need the ip of the receiving, dockerized node - could be that of an esnode for a beat sending or that one of the container with logstash inside.
My question is: I presume the IPs of containers are somehow dynamic. Then how can I address a dockerized node? Fixed IPs in a docker container??? Surely I am not the first to have this question.
The point is: the sending agent not being part of that single docker-compose.yml does not 'know' and can't address just so via name the dockerized services.
How do You did this? If you need more details, I am happy to provide them.
Kind regards

PS: Idea: Perhaps just using the IP of the host containing the docker containers? If so, are there better alternatives?
PPS: Yep. It worked with the host IP - Do you have better solutions?


Port-forwarding with host ip seems the simplest way to do this.

However, you could also try a front component with service discovery in order to route requests to your ES container, like Traefik.

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