Elasticsearch search by part of a word

Hello. Could you help me? There is an ELK cluster (version 5) and through kibana I execute a query for a part of a word using a wildcard, for example, examp*, but nothing is found. If I search for the whole word example, then everything is found. I also have a second ELK cluster and everything is found correctly in the part of the word using wildcard. I don't understand what is the difference between the settings between these two clusters

Hi Max,

Can I check you're using Elasticsearch v5x, and that you're using the same version for both clusters? That version is rather old and long out of support, so I would recommend upgrading if you can.

In terms of your query differences, have you checked the index mapping and cluster settings to make sure they match exactly?

GET my_index/_mapping
GET my_index/_stats
GET _cluster/stats

I checked the mapping settings, in both clusters I have message type text set (I'm looking for the word example in the message field), the cluster settings are also the same

Can you share your index mapping and query? Can you also confirm you're using the exact same query and version across both clusters?

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