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I've searched a lot around this forum and google but I didn't find a proper way to index URL that would also allow partial match.
My use case is, I have documents that contains fully qualified URL (hostname + path + query string), I want to them to be searchable, either exact match or partial match.
I've put a keyword mapping right now because I don't want my URL to split in multiple keyword.

# Mapping
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "url": {
        "type": "keyword"
# Document example
  "_source": {
    "url": ""

Let say I have this URL:
I want to find it when I type:

  • elasticsearch/reference/current
  • pid
  • [anything really ...]

The problem I have, is that ngram would be too big to generate (I think), wildcard is working but I suppose it's slow.
Is there a good solution to this ?


May be using a path tokenizer would help?


I thought about that but that would only work for querying/agg a specific part of the path (Not sure)
I don't think it will work when searching for =>

Wildcard is returning results in a few seconds for 8millions rows and once in the cache a few hundred milliseconds. The machine is not really big so I guess I could throw more CPU/memory but I'm sad that there is not good way to do that, specially considering a lot of people are using ELK to store webserver log.

At some point I think it’s just simpler to preparse this into different fields. Each component of the URL probably has different prioritizarion in your ranking. So I would deconstruct the URL at index and query time and search each individual attribute separately as different fields.

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