Elasticsearch Search over 10000 documents

I want to retrieve the document and display it page by page in the table (web).
Page movement is possible directly. (ex. 1 page to 1001 page)

But if i have 100 data per page and want to display 101 pages right away, I can search 10000 documents using search_after and find the next 100.
I can not search 10001 ~ 10100 documents right now! So I need to search 10,000 documents that I do not need.

It works the same when looking for 20000 - 20100 documents.

Is there any way to find 10000 ~ 10100 documents right away?

search_after is the best choice when deep pagination is reached.


Note that you can also change the default limit of 10000 ( index.max_result_window) if needed but you need to understand the implications of such a change. Read https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.6/index-modules.html#dynamic-index-settings

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