Elasticsearch seems not reading my elasticsearch.yml


I currently have one cluster one node (ES v1.5.4) setup. I want to add a node to the cluster but I am having problem. One thing I notice after editing the yml file is that, elasticsearch seems not reading it. I tried several thing but it really looks like its not reading the yml.

I change the following in the /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml but it does not reflect on my first node.

cluster.name: elasticsearch2
node.name: "node1"
node.master: true
node.data: true

Here is the result of the health check and node check
[root@ip-10-0-0-35 elasticsearch]# curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/nodes?v'
host ip heap.percent ram.percent load node.role master name
ip-10-0-0-35.ap-southeast-1.compute.internal 6 32 1.22 d * Sigmar

[root@ip-10-0-0-35 elasticsearch]# curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/health?v'
epoch timestamp cluster status node.total node.data shards pri relo init unassign
1446540748 03:52:28 elasticsearch yellow 1 1 451 451 0 0 451

Is there are other places to configure elasticsearch? How to resolve this issue?


How are you starting ES? What's its command line (ps aux | grep elasticsearch)?

Hi Magnus,

I have notice that CONF_DIR is not included when i check using ps, the service script might have been edited before.

So this is the case.