Elasticsearch Server requirements

Hello, I have a lot of "strange"questions about the elasticsearch requirements for server. I want to use Elasticsearch for ELK Stack.The application produces around 4 GB a day. So that is not so many datas. The first question: Do I have to have in cluster master node and data node ? Or Can I have only for example master date and nothing else.
Second question: How much space do I need to have on the server for this small data .

Sorry, that I have so strange questions :confused:

Thank you !!!

May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


And https://www.elastic.co/webinars/using-rally-to-get-your-elasticsearch-cluster-size-right

Thank you

You need at least one data and master node in a cluster so it makes sense to start with the default configuration rather than using dedicated node types from the start.

4 GB a day because of the regulate 50 % I need 8 GB for heap size, right?
What i stil dont understand is; How much data should I have to send to Master Data and to Data Node
I understood the difference between Master node and Data node .

Thank you in advance

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