Setup a elastic cluster

Hi everyone,

I want to set up my cluster with the right server requirement.
My cluster consists of:

  • Master
  • Data
  • Coordinating
  • Transform
  • Ingest

Can anyone share with me how much CPU, RAM, and storage for each server?

Thank you, everyone,


You are not the first (and probably not the last) to raise this question, however asking it
is a lot less difficult as answering. Sizing of elastic stack is dependent on a lot of variables, for example:

  • data throughput
  • retention requirements
  • how fast you want results to be
  • which usecases are used (e.g. observability, security, enterprise search, etc).

To name a few of the variables you have to think of.

Some resources which should help you on the way to start answering your question:

  1. Benchmarking and sizing your Elasticsearch cluster for logs and metrics
  2. Sizing Elasticsearch
  3. Sizing the Elastic Stack for Security Use Cases

It helps the community if you go through this and use it to ask more specific questions and context.

I hope this helps you on your way.


As already answered, it is pretty hard to provide requirements without any context of your use case.

The best way to find the requirements you need is to do a proof of concept with your data so you can get how many events per second you would got, what would be the size of your data and many other things.

But I would say that a basic production ready cluster would have 5 nodes, where 3 would be master dedicated and 2 would be data nodes, the data nodes could also perform transform and ingest functions and there is no need for a coordinating node on small clusters.

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