Elasticsearch service stops rapidly

Hello. My elasticsearch engine stops after every 5-6 hours and I had to restart it again. Can anyone please help me. I am running elasticsearch server in CentOS 7.

Thanks in anticipation.

have you checked what the logs say? What is your heap size, what is the total memory of your system
Also double check your /var/log/messages see if there is information there too

yes you are right. In log/messages it is giving me error. "Out of Memory Kill process or sacrifice child". Should I increase physical memory of my server ? Can you help me please ? Total physical memory of my server is 2GB.

I'm very interested on this topic because I'm experiencing the same problem :frowning:

well there are a couple ways to deal with this

  1. yes you can add more memory to your system and take a look at java new memory model they changed it. but what is yourHeap size set to?

  2. if your using all your heap you might want to spawn more instances to reduce the work load on any one server this will help performance and should lower some heap usage

  3. for optimal speed you need much more memory then your heap requires so linux can cache disk data in memory. linux will if you have enough will cache the entire index in memory. nothing is faster then cached data. the only exception to this is if your data updates often

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