Elasticsearch Shards problem

I have set-up elasticsearch 8 node cluster 3 master 3 data(500gb total 1.5 tb) +2 coordinate nodes each node have 16gb ram and 4 CPUs and it uses only 2 cpu.
In client side we have packbeat and winlogbeat pointing to kafka and kafka to logstash and logstash pointing to elasticsearch. And we have 15 clients.
In first 3 days it works fine but later the elasticsearch behaviour changed its search speed and query speed got slow which i saw in kibana you query is taking time something like that
And i have an index named log-wlb-sysmon in day 1 its size 1 then 4 gb in 2nd day 25gb in 3rd day and in 4th day it size was 121.9.All the index i have created have 3 shards and 1 replica each.
My question is why its size get bigger in each day and why its search and query speed getting slower

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