Kibana dashboard slowelness


Recently we start noticing that kibana request takes very long to show up (around +30s)!

I believe this is not related to kibana, since it does nothing except sending_msearch requests to our elasticsearch cluster (correct me if I'm wrong)!

Our elasticsearch cluster is composed of 3 data nodes + 1 load balancer! each data node machine is 32 Go of RAM and 32 vCPU! We've been monitoring the 3 nodes lately and no peak in cpu usage, network communication issue or high memory consumption, everything seems normal.

We reached around 7000+ indices, each of one shard and 1 replica, each is ~7Mo of size. Could the many indices be the issues ? should we run a clean up process to remove old indices ?


Yes, that is quite likely as that sounds like far too many shards and indices for a cluster that size. Having lot of small indices and shards can be very inefficient and cause performance issues.

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