Elasticsearch sizing: Number of nodes, RAM needed

I am trying to build an ES cluster to handle storing and searching event logs from security devices with following requirements: 25000 EPS, 1000 bytes/event, using hot/warm architecture with 4 days of hot and 90 days of warm. My question is how much ES nodes do I need? And how much RAM shoud I use? Thanks.

Variable Description Calculation Value Unit
EPS Events per second Estimate 25000 Events
AES Average event size Estimate 1000 Bytes
DUPD Disk used per day AESxEPSx60x60x24/1073741824 2011.656761 GB
miSPD Min Shards per day DUPD/50 40.23313522 Shards
HD Hot days Estimate 4 Days
WD Warm days Estimate 90 Days
xHD Expected data on hot days (for indexing, searching, forge merging) DUPD*HD/1024 7.858034223 TB
xWD Expected data on warm days (read only indices for searching and creating replicas) DUPD*WD 176.80577 TB
miHD Minimum disk size for hot days xHD*1.4 11.00124791 TB
miWD Minimum disk size for warm days xWD*1.4 247.528078 TB

This will depend on your data, hardware and query requirements. I would recommend looking at the following resources:





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Thank you sir.
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