Elasticsearch slow, crash


I have deployment a Logger ELK.
I setup ELK version 6.6.1 on vmware server (24GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 8CPU) but have many problem.

  1. Its index data log (IIS log) very slow.
  2. Search and view dashboard, visualize very slow (timeout).

In my case, i have installed: FileBeat (Server X) -> Logstash (Server Y) -> Elasticsearch (Server Y) -> Kibana (Server Y).

Usually, when slow query, i restart Elasticsearch service then it normal (but still slow).

Any method optimal any config for my ELK?

Thanks for help.

What load is the node under? What is CPU usage and disk I/O and iowait looking like? What indexing throughput are you seeing? Is there anything in the logs around long or frequent GC or merges being throttled? How many indices and shards do you have in the cluster?


I use 1 node. CPU under 2%. I use Flash Drive as HDD.
Total about 40 indices (25gb/indice).

I think my server not problem?

Thanks for help.

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