Elasticsearch Snapshot Error

Questions is similar to Error Missing Snapshot Error

We investigated into this, looks like upgrade Elasticsearch from 5 to 6 broke it. Is there any way to fix this now?

If not able to fix it, we want to use curator to delete some of those old snapshots but unable to do so. Error: Snapshot does not exist. Is there solution to skip it?

Are you 100% certain that all nodes can read and write to the repository?

You're probably going to have to do a lot of manual API work to sort out what happened.

Yes, repository _verify call return correct result. I did all check but looks like some snapshot.snap file are missing.

Not sure what happened, but yeah. This is going to take some effort to clean up. Because it seems that data may be lost, it may be easier to set up a new, clean repository and start over. I don't say this lightly, but if you have lost files, there's no telling what you'd be able to restore, should it come to that.

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