Elasticsearch snapshot repo permissions

I am going to create a snapshot repo in a UNC share. (WIndows Servers)
What should i give permission on the network share?
I dont use any service account for Elasticsearch.

I have given the computer accounts for ES-nodes full share permissions but it says permission denied.
When i give full access for everyone, it works.. but i dont want to give full access to everyone.

Reason: could not read repository data from index blob

The account(s) that you run elasticsearch under should be able to read, write and list files in this share on all data and master nodes, perhaps on some nodes you run elasticsearch under a different account?

I am not running ES under any specific service account, just SYSTEM (Windows).
So that should mean the AD computer accounts, which is not enough.

So, that account (whatever it is) needs to read, write and list files on the share.

But the Share is located on another machine, dont seem to help to give the computer accounts for the ES-machine permissions. Am stuck here because i dont want to give everyone full access to the snapshot repo. !??! :cry:

Maybe you can change the user that you run Elasticseach under then to something that is known to both the machine you are running Elasticseach on and the machine where the share is located?

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