Elasticsearch snapshot struck in inprogress state

we are using opensource elasticsearch version 5.6.10. In one of my ES cluster, the elasticsearch snapshot was struck in inprogress state from few days. I tried below options, but it didn't work out.

ElasticSearch Version: 5.6.10

  1. Tried the delete the snapshot with ES API, but it didn't work out
  2. Planned to cancel the task from pending tasks, but it is not listing there
  3. Tried rolling restart, but didn't work out

I know the one solution which is full restart of elasticsearch cluster. But I don't want to do it in production.

Please help me in this.

5.6.10 is really old, it's been EOL for over two years. You should upgrade as a matter of urgency. There have been numerous improvements to snapshots in the 2⅞ years since this version was released.

I don't know of a better solution than a full cluster restart.

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