Elasticsearch snapshots

I have many (10+) Elasticsearch clusters, and this clusters is use for different purposes (storing logs, storing some business and analytical data) So for example i have a 3-node elasticsearch cluster used for some business data (users shopping carts in e-commerce website) and i take snapshots every day and this cluster makes snapshots to NFS share, and my admins told me that i must to clear last 10 snapshots from the snapshot repository to free disk space. And for example the somebody/or me accidentally launch curl -XDELETE/* which delete all indices in my cluster, and i must to restore all business data which was here, and i have only 10 snapshots from 10 last days, can i restore all the data? or it restore data only from the last snapshots date? because in the documentations said that Snapshots are incremental: each snapshot only stores data that is not part of an earlier snapshot so for example the customer Joe in my website add something to cart in 01/09/2020, then in the 15/09/2020 i delete all data from cluster, and my last snapshot in snapshot repository is /03/09/2020 so if i restore from this snapshot, this snapshot will contain old data or not? sorry for my bad english


If you delete the 10 oldest snapshots you will still be able to restore all the data. When deleting a snapshot ElasticSearch only deletes the data which is not referenced by another snapshot so no data will be lost.

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