ElasticSearch Startup issue

I have recently loaded Elasticsearch 1.3.0 to Centos 6.6. I used rpm install. I have installed it into /opt/elasticsearch-1.3.0. I have added chkconfig. When I reboot the machine I see the port 9300 started but not the 9200. When I stop the Elastic search /etc/init.d/elasticsearch stop. Then I start then I see the 9200 port starting. If somebody can help me troubleshoot.
I have edited the etc/init.d/elasticsearch file to add the path of my installation to exec=
I have also edited elasticsearch file in /opt/elasticsearch-1.3.0/share/elasticsearch/bin
to add the path.
for include in /opt/elasticsearch-1.3.0/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch.in.sh
Tried this. It works properly.
sudo -u elasticsearch /opt/elasticsearch-1.3.0/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch -d -p /var/run/elasticsearch.pid --default.config=/etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml --default.path.home=/opt/elasticsearch-1.3.0 --default.path.logs=/var/log/elasticsearch --default.path.data=/var/lib/elasticsearch --default.path.work=/tmp/elasticsearch --default.path.conf=/etc/elasticsearch
The boot.log shows elasticsearch started
Let me know if you need any other inputs

Okay, let's starts with the basics, have you checked the logs? Standard rpm install, check /var/log/elasticsearch