Elasticsearch static config of action.auto_create_index

I'm trying to understand the rules governing what I'd best call "static config". As an example, see: action.auto_create_index.

The docs say:

Automatic index creation can be disabled by setting
action.auto_create_index to false in the config file of all nodes.

  1. so what if I have it on 90% of the nodes? How does this config get processed? It's just the last node that joins the cluster affects these settings?
  2. is there any way to tell ES to read this config without requiring a reboot of ES? Kind of stinks to have to do a rolling restart of the entire cluster to affect this setting.

We've been discussing whether this setting should become dynamic here. It most likely will.

About having different values on different nodes, the node that receives the index request will first check the setting value and ask the master to create the index if necessary. That means that it all depends on which setting value the node that you hit with your index request has.

So if the master node set auto_create_index:false, but my java application using node client that config without auto_create_index setting, what happend?

In my experiment, the index will automatically created. Is this normal?
I thought the whole cluster will follow the master node decision(setting) not just depends on which node receive the request.

All nodes need to have the same value for a cluster setting.