Node client will not respect master node "action.auto_create_index: false"

I found a situation but I'm not sure s this normal or not.
I have a Elasticsearch cluster with two nodes lest say A and B.
A is master node, B is not, but they held data.
Both of them were set action.auto_create_index:false in elasticseach.yml.

When I create a java application that use node client to send index request. The Index will created automatically if it is not existed.

After tracing and step into runtime execution, I found if node client config missed this setting (or set as true) Index will be created, otherwise no.

Is this normal or not?
I thought if Master node decide "action.auto_create_index: false", each node in cluster should respect this setting.
Any idea?

I use Elasticearch v1.7.2 and you can see file located in package

Hi @itplayer,

quoting from the user docs (emphasis mine):

Automatic index creation can be disabled by setting action.auto_create_index to false in the config file of all nodes.

As the node client joins the cluster as yet another node (hence the name node client), you need to define this setting also in your client.


Thanks for you information, I already added this setting in my node client when creation. But if the whole cluster can automatically receive this setting from master node(or better if the setting is cluster-wide).