Elasticsearch thinks deleted repo snapshots are still available

We collect Twitter data every hour in separate indices. During testing of
the snapshot facility in Elasticsearch 1.3.2, I created a repo (called
backup0) and a snapshot (called 2014-07-23) of a single index (called
tweets-2014-07-23:16). Then I added a second index (called
tweets-2014-07-23:17) to the snapshot. I verified that the snapshots were
created in Elasticsearch and the snapshot files were created on the shared
storage drive.

Then I deleted the snapshot, repo and the snapshot files. I repeated the
same procedure to see if the repo, snapshot and snapshot files could be
recreated. Elasticsearch created the repo and snapshot, but failed to add
the files to the snapshot for indices tweets-2014-07-23:16 and tweets-2014-07-23:17.
Checking the status in Elasticsearch verified this finding as the status
message indicated that the request was a success but 0 shards were added to
the snapshot and the "indices" directory was not created in the the shared
storage drive.

Somehow Elasticsearch maintained the state of the repo and snapshot after
it was deleted because it refused to add the two indices to the recreated
snapshot. This seems to be a bug to me. Has anyone else encountered this

-- vic

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