Snapshot/restore between clusters not working after upgrade to 1.3.4

We run into a problem recently after a very recent upgrade from ES 1.2.2 to
ES 1.3.4.

In our scenario, we have two ES clusters and a HDFS system which both can

Indices are created on one of them, snapshotted to HDFS repository (named
after the index) and then restored on the other cluster. This worked fine
(when ignoring random error messages) on 1.2.2.

After the upgrade to 1.3.4, however, clusters don't seem to be able to see
new snapshots made on the other system. Files sit in HDFS, it is possible
to restore locally, accessing:<repository_name>/_all
returns the expected list while<repository_name>/_all
is empty. Beforehand, the lists were identical.

I will try to check version 1.3.2 tomorrow, but remaining clueless at the

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