Elasticsearch - update existing documents in different index

Here is my data set

ticket_id: T100
ticket_status: open
ticket_updated_date: 20201201T10:10:22

ticket_id: T101
ticket_status: open
ticket_updated_date: 20201201T11:10:22

ticket_id: T101
ticket_status: closed
ticket_updated_date: 20201202T11:10:22

I want to store above data set into elasticsearch. ticket_id is a unique id and set it as document id as I wanted to maintain single document for a ticket.

I'm creating daily indexes in elastic and index name is 'ticket'. Ticket id T001 created on 2020/12/01 and it get stored in 'ticket_2020-12-01' index. When the ticket T001 updated on next day i.e. 2020/12/02, it get stored in 'ticket_2020-12-02' index.

How can I save all ticket details in initial index (this case it's 'ticket_2020-12-01')?

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