Elasticsearch upgrade from 0.19.2 to higher 0.19.x because of Netty?

(Lukáš Vlček) #1


We are running 0.19.2 ES in production which AFAIK uses Netty 3.3.1.Final.
In newer ES releases the Netty has been upgraded to Netty 3.4.1.Final. I
gave Netty release notes (http://netty.io/blog/) a quick look and I can see
bunch of bugfixes between 3.3.1.Final and 3.4.1.Final (are any of them
really serious?). Is there any reason to consider ES upgrade from 0.19.2 to
higher version just because of Netty upgrade? Does anybody run into any
issues because of the Netty 3.3.1.Final?


(Andy Wick) #2

Not sure if a fix in netty or elasticsearch, but upgrading from 0.19.3 to
0.19.4 fixed an issue I was having with the REST interface not always
responding or closing the socket when I had a index operation that caused
an exception. So I would end up with sockets that weren't handling load
until they timed out.


(system) #3