Elasticsearch upgrade to 7.0.1

Can the elasticsearch team please suggest whether it is ok to upgrade from 6.1.2 to 7.0.1 directly? Or do we have to upgrade to 6.7 first and then to 7.0.1.

Current Elasticsearch version I am using is 6.1.2. Also, using High level java rest client .

I believe it recommended that you first upgrade to 6.7 so you can run the Kibana Upgrade Assistant and fix any potential issues before going to 7.0.

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May I know the Elasticsearch support team opinion as well?

Can the ES support team respond please

Have you read the documentation and the upgrade guide? Have you looked at this webinar?

I'd do what Christian said. :wink:

But upgrade to 6.8 (now it's out) then 7.1.

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