Upgrading elasticsearch from 6.8 to 7.7.1


We are about to upgrade elasticserch from 6.8 to 7.7.1 is there anything special that needs to be done so that the indexes would be compatible? I know that beats has some option to migrate 6 to 7 and that is why I was wondering if some kind of migration job needs to be run.

You need to read this carefully...


Fadjar Tandabawana

Not interested in live upgrade. I am just concered about index compatibility. Also it's a plain elasticsearch without machine learning or other fancy stuff.

Did you upgrade to latest 6.8 version? That's the first thing to do.
Then launch the upgrade assistant in Kibana which will tell you a lot.

Not having kibana there.

Install it. Once done, remove it.

Our indices are not timeseries. Will those work with kibana?


cool, Thank you both for the information.

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