Upgrade from ES 2.4.6 to ES 7.1

I would like to upgrade my ES from version 2.4.6 to version 7.1.

Is it possible to do a rolling upgrade for these two versions?

What is the best way to perform the upgrade from version 2.4.6 to version 7.1? Where can I find a description of the process? What is the fastest way to perform the upgrade?

No it's not.
You will have to upgrade to 5.6 (no rolling)
Then to 6.8.0 (rolling possible)
Then to 7.1.0 (rolling)

Note that it needs some steps every time (the documentation for each version needs to be read).

I recommend doing a reindex from remote instead.

Thank you for your reply. When I do a reindex from remote, it is possible?


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