Elasticsearch upgrade from 5.2 to 7.2

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I'm trying to upgrade elasticsearch cluster from 5.2 to 7.2
After reading the docs ( correct me if I'm wrong ) , here's what I concluded:

  • upgrade from 5.2 to 5.6
  • upgrade from 5.6 to 6.x
  • upgrade from 6.x to 7.2

Naturally ,every upgrade should be realized on each node of the cluster and then a full cluster restart.( a lot of work )
My question is the following :
Should I reindex all index on each step on each node ( lets say I have 10 nodes )
How to reindex all my index with one shot ( I have more than 500 index )
Each index has a different mapping and a different name ( I want to avoid to manually reindex everything)

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IMHO the easiest path is to start a new cluster running 7.2 and use the reindex from remote API to read the old data from your 5.2 cluster and reindex in 7.2.

Thanks for your reply.Thats the quickest most efficient way I think
So, back to my first question :
Should I reindex all index each node or only on master?
How to reindex all my indexes without the manual labor ( I have more than 500 indexes)?

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