Elasticsearch upgrade with indexing

Im using Elasticsearch 7.4.2 with three cluserted nodes. Im upgrading node 1 to 7.10.2 and then I want to update some KIbana Objects inside Elasticsearch. At that time, other nodes will be in 7.4.2 and still running. Can I do indexing to upgraded node when other nodes are in old version?

Elasticsearch 7.4 is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

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Only if all the shards for the index are on the newer node, because when you reindex you use the newer Lucene version, and that won't be usable/accessible on the older versions.

I wouldn't take this approach to be honest, you're asking for issues. Upgrade all nodes, then reindex.

Also please consider moving to 7.16, as it is the latest 7.X release, and 7.10 will be EOL very soon.

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