ElasticSearch User Profile/Personalization


I work with IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) more for more than 13 years and right now, we are evaluating which IDOL functionalities Elasticsearch can perform OOTB. One of these features is the user profile / personalization.

On IDOL, we can create user profiles (not only for security purposes) and then perform operations based on user profile (as such: boost content based on user attributes; target information and recommend content to users; alert users to the existence of content; put users in touch with other users who have similar interests).
This is done by feeding the user profile according to user behavior (for example, extracting key concepts from documents that a user consumes, and then, using these concepts to recommend content).

By reading Elasticsearch documentation regarding User Profiles, I got the following information:

"The user profile feature is designed only for use by Kibana and Elastic’s Observability, Enterprise Search, and Elastic Security solutions. Individual users and external applications should not call this API directly. Elastic reserves the right to change or remove this feature in future releases without prior notice."

Does Elasticsearch support user profile on the context I mentioned above or anything similar?

I don't believe elasticsearch can do it the same exact way (user profiles), but if i understand the usecase properly, and I am not familiar with IDOL, you could use a mechanism to write the boosting into the query.

This would use queries to rearrange the score of results into an appropriate result based on some queries/parameters give.

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