Elasticsearch users in Amazon ES deployment


I am new to Elastic and AWS. I want to add Elasticsearch users so that I can restrict index access between users. When I read the resources for securing Elastic search. It prompts me to edit the yml files.

However, when the AWS instructions are followed for deploying a new Elasticsearch Service, no yml files are mentioned.

Additionally, when I read the page on creating users the kibana interface is different from mine:

In particular, the toolbar on the side is much more limited in my interface. My guess is that this is because options (such as security) are disabled in the yml file.

How do I access my .yml files on an Amazon ES deployment?

Thank you for the help.

AWS ES uses the OSS distribution which does not include any of the commercial features Elastic has developed. This is why there is no role-based access controls and fewer apps in the left menu bar. Elastic has their own Elasticsearch service, which is available on AWS and includes the extra features.

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Thank you for the information. Would you be able to point me to where I can read more about Elastic's own Elasticsearch service that is available on AWS?



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