ElasticSearch using Docker and BitBucket DataCenter

We were running BitBucket v6.10.3 as a monolithic server, which has reached EOL.

I've been migrating this system to BB v7.21.0 (current release).
I've been able to create an ES cluster under Docker/OpenShift without real issue.

After getting ES setup to use 7.16.2 for compatibility with BitBucket, ES only returns 10,000 files unlike what ES did for the earlier version of BitBucket which returned about 6.5 Million files.

Besides this discussion Pulling more than 10000 records from elasticsearch query.

Are there any additional Elasticsearch parameters that will need to be tweaked in order to go back to or emulate the earlier behavior of ES?

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That default limit of Elasticsearch has been around for quite some time, and it's always been configurable from the client side. It sounds to me like Bitbucket was doing something that might have changed?

Means that I will need to dig through those config files to increase the limit in the docker version once I find it in the original server.

What file contains those settings so that I can set them similarly in the newer variants of Elasticsearch.
I didn't setup the original server and don't know how they were set/changed.
I've not tried to read those settings via the API, can I get all of the settings at one time or do I need to query individually?

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