Elasticsearch vertical clustering


We are setting up ES cluster in our env and have 2 concerns.

  1. Is it advisable to do vertical clustering (putting more than one node per server)
  2. is it possible to move the elasticsearch.yml configuration file to a separate location and use -Des.config option to point to that file at the startup. We've read few articals on ES latest version mentioning that -Des.config has been removed. If that's the case is there a workaround? We have our own directory structure that we keep config files separately so that we can do binary upgrades without effecting the app configuration.

Thank you,

  1. That depends on your servers capabilities
  2. We'd suggest using docker for this approach. Otherwise you will need to DIY a solution.

Hi Mark,
Thank you for the explanation. Unfortunately we cannot setup Docker in our env therefore we will stick to the standards. We need to install the elasticsearch in ppc64le architecture. Can you please point us where we can download the binaries for ppc64le architecture or where we can find instructions to compile on our own for ppc64le architecture.
Thank you.

That is not a supported platform so there are no binaries.

Thank you for the update

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