Help with setting up cluster on 1 server

I am hoping to get help with setting up a multinode 6.x/rc ES cluster on a single server.
I just can't find a good step by step guide on how to do this on Ubuntu from scratch.
Ideally it would give best settings for threads, cpus, memory etc to set in yml and logj42 (depending on whether using docker or multi-instance ES.

I am trying to replace my current all separate 19 node cluster verzon 1.7.1ES with a single super spec'd out 6.x ES server (88 thread dual cpu, 1TB memory, multiple nvmes for data) that has master,client, data nodes on it, plus a kibana node.
If it requires docker then I hope it would help set that up, and all necessary settings to locate separate log/data directories. Looking at about 6-8 cpu threads with 64gb ram per data node (~31GB JVM)

I realize 6.0.0GA is not out yet, but I want to do a test run on rc version before GA comes out.

I understand there is a doc for installing docker image, but it doesn't do anything with multiple nodes. I am not asking whether this should be done, I just need instructions on how it can be done. Thanks

Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Reference [6.0] | Elastic has some information that will be helpful.

What happens if that node dies?

The docs are not helpful with setting up a cluster on same server.

The example docker-compose.yml that shows you how to run multiple nodes isn't helpful? What more can we provide exactly?

How to actually setup the data volumes would help instead of pointing to docker docs which doesn't explain best way to do it for elasticsearch. especially being able to locate the data in a specific directory.

so instead of using esdata1:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data . I want to do something like /data/elasticsearch/node1:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data
WHere /data/elasticsearch/node1 is on the outside of the machine.
i think i just need to create the node1 directory, but can you help with way to setup up so the permissions are correct?

Ok, so instead of Docker named volumes you want to bind mount them? What did you do or what's not working? You will need to use the right permissions as we've documented: (that's for configs, but your data directory needs to follow the same settings).

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