3 nodes(7.17) on a single server

I need help with the configuration to run 3 nodes on a single server. It has 32 core, 128GB RAM, 10T disk - so plenty of space.

Please do not post with negative - you should not do this posts. I simply need help with the configurations to get this to work.

Apologize. I forgot OS info. It is RHEL8.


using Docker can simplify the process of running multiple Elasticsearch nodes on a single server. Each Elasticsearch node can run in its own Docker container, with its own isolated environment and resources.


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Thank you but I don't want container or VMs. I need 3 nodes running on 1 machine.

I have tried all of the documentation around changed the ES_PATH_CONF to point to my new directory. I created a new service file and changed all of the configs to point to it. I also modified the elasticsearch-env file to make sure it reads the updted ES_PATH_CONF. It still doesn't start and throws out:

Exception in thread "main" java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml

There is somewhere not specified that is forcing it to look at default configuration file directory and I need help finding that.

Please share the configurations you created.

How you start it? You would need to create 3 custom systemd services files, you should not use the elasticsearch service installed by the rpm package.

Basically you will need

  • one data path for each instance
  • one log paht for each instance
  • one configuration file for each instance
  • one systemd service for each instance.

I would say that the best approach would be to have 3 installations, download elasticsearch using the .tar.gz file and unpack this file into 3 different paths, one for each instance.




I did a separate service file trying to get the first instance running. I set all the variables properly. There is something not exposed that still points the configuration directory to /etc/elasticsearch/.

I'll try the 3 separate installs.

Share the service file

I got it working with .gz file.

I have all 3 nodes up and running on same server and it is working very well.

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