ElasticSearch via Ansible

Trying to bring up a test environment to learn Terraform and Ansible. We are planning to implement an ELK stack and I need to make sure we do it right. I read the notes at "https://www.elastic.co/blog/deploying-elasticsearch-with-ansible" and while I THINK I got things done right, I am not sure I got stuff done right cause it doesnt work.
I did not use Docker, as in the example. I used Terraform to stand up a sample environment, and created an ES instance. I have been able to use Ansible to get the NAT, and Webserver going. I tried to copy the playbook and assorted subdirectories but it does not seem to work.
I now have the playbook (renamed to 5-install_officialelasticsearch.yaml) in my Ansible playbooks folder. I have a folder named "roles" which contains a folder named "elasticsearch". ls shows the following:
ansible.cfg defaults elasticsearch.iml files filter_plugins Gemfile Gemfile.lock handlers LICENSE meta README.md tasks templates test vars

When I try to run the playbook, however, it just pops straight back:
[stiv@stivopconlinux playbooks]$ ansible-playbook -i es1, 5-install_officialelasticsearch.yaml

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
[stiv@stivopconlinux playbooks]$


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