Run ansible from docker container

I'm trying to run ansible to install ES from a docker container host, but I'm running into problems with systemd. Systemd doesn't work easily in docker containers.

I'm not looking to start ES, I only install it with ansible. Is there a way to install and not start? I'm using ansible to build VM images that I deploy and run later.

We have official docker images and installation instruction.
Would these be useful as a base image of what you are trying to build?

Alternatively, you could install elasticsearch using the archive files

hi @Yang_Wang.

Sorry to be confusing, but I'm not talking about installing elasticsearch in docker. I'm talking about installing elasticsearch in a VM using Ansible, where Ansible is getting executed from a docker container. This is remote installation.

I'm using the elasticsearch supported Ansible package here:

The repo mentions engaging with the team on this discuss.

Sorry I am not familiar with the ansible roles. Not sure exactly what systemd problem you are running into. Might be helpful if you could share a error log. Also just by searching the ansible repo, there is an option es_start_service which can be set to false to not start the service after installation.

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