Elasticsearch Vulnerabilities

Do these security vulnerabilities apply to the OSS distributions of Elasticsearch?

From https://www.elastic.co/community/security/


For the first one it applies only on enterprise version see : Elastic Stack 7.9.3 and 6.8.13 Security Update

I suggest you to dig a bit more for the others since it's a interesting question.

I wonder how they manage oss and enterprise security

The OSS version does not come with any security at all, which in itself is a big vulnerability.

Thanks. Some say "All versions of Elasticsearch before 7.9.2 and 6.8.13 are affected by this flaw" but I don't see how that can be the case if using OSS

Can you create a CVE for a system without security? If you care about security you should not run a vanilla OSS Elasticsearch cluster.

These only affect Elasticsearch running with security enabled, they do not affect the OSS version.

As pointed out, I would suggest using our free security


Thanks for confirming. A long story but it's specifically the OSS distribution I needed to know about just now. All the points re security otherwise are valid and we are aware of the options.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Much appreciated.

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