Elasticsearch warehouse

We are working on real time data handling which is around 5TB per day,which will scale to 7TB in future.Whether It is good to have Elasticsearch as primary database for database modeling and database warehouse concepts?

Thanks in Advance

People and companies are using Elasticsearch for that sort of scale, and some people use it as a primary datastore. We can't say if you should use it as your primary or not, it depends on many factors and your comfort with the resilience trade-offs that Elasticsearch exposes.

You can find more info about our resilience issues (both solved and open) here: Elasticsearch Resiliency Status | Elastic

It should be noted that while Elasticsearch can handle the scale you mention, it is not a relational database. Expecting Elasticsearch to handle relational aspects (joins, etc) will prove frustrating. There are some relational features (parent/child, nested, the new SQL plugin) but they are operating on a fundamentally different datastore than a relational database, so you should expect full relational functionality.

There are many ways to work around not being a relational database... but often it involves denormalizing, etc. Just something to keep in mind :slight_smile:

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