Elasticsearch watcher - x-pack - markdown in slack notification

(Brijesh Amin) #1

I am trying to get make user and channels links to work in slack notifications on elasticsearch/x-pack. I have tried using "markdwn": true and ""

  "actions": {
    "notify-slack": {
      "slack": {
        "message": {
          "mrkdwn": true,
          "to": "@brijesh",
          "text": "<!U0FMK07QC|brijesh> errors on test module",
          "dynamic_attachments": {
            "list_path": "ctx.payload.hits.hits",
            "attachment_template": {
              "title": "Error on {{_source.environment}} v{{_source.version}}",
              "text": "{{_source.message}}"

I noticed such implementation being discussed here,

I wonder is this feature still not available in x-pack? Any workaround to make this work?

What I want to achieve is to be able to link users and channels mentioned in slack message to be linked and not just display as normal text.

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

It is not yet available. Do you need the mrkdwn: true field or would the mrkdwn_in field be sufficient for your usecase as well? Just to make sure this works when expected, when taking a stab at it.

happy to get any feedback!

(Brijesh Amin) #3

Hi Spinscale,

I think mrkdwn_in should do the job for now. However, having both of them would be really useful.


(system) #4

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