Elasticsearch x-pack-security enable on cluster (SOLVED)


i am in the process of evaluating elasticsearch in a cluster of three nodes. i want to do an authenticated setup and did not yet configured xpack.security.enabled: true
as far as i understood the docs every node will be provided a bootstrap password that is used by
elasticsearch-setup-passwords on every node

so the problem now is that elasticsearch-setup-passwords complains about xpack-security not
being enabled. so i enable it with xpack.security.enabled: true and restart every node.
but now i am confronted with cluster-membership being not possible due to not providing
the correct password (which is true, it is still the bootstrap password on each node and as per
docs i have no need to know it)

question: how could i set the password for the elastic-user with the elasticsearch-setup-passwords
tool in a cluster with x-pack-security enabled?

added notes: basic license, discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes = 2


ok, xpack-security is not part of the basic-license

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