How to get Xpack security in cluster

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I just want to know who can i have X-Pack security enabled in a elasticsearch cluster( two nodes) and a kibana instance.


It's available in the latest versions. Just start from here then:

@dadoonet. The securing cluster guide is well documented but always when depolying a new cluster setup.
My question, and perhaps the question of many people, is the best practice to evolve a functional non-secured (xpack-security disabled) cluster to a secured one.
I have a 3 master + 3 data + 2 corrdinator (kibana) node cluster and want to enable xpack-security.
Having created the CA and certificates following the well documented procedure (thanks!) and prepared the elasticsearch.yml setup files, my doubt is what to do next? could be avoid the full cluster reboot?

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Sorry but is it the same question ? I mean : are you working on the same project?

If not, please open your own question.

No. You need to restart the cluster.

Thx @dadoonet.

We're not in the same project. It was a very simple question and I thought there was no need to open a new thread and could help to Sagar to choose their implantation path ...

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