Elasticsearch xpack security using basic license

Hi Team,

Can we use Elasticsearch xpack security for multinode Elasticsearch cluster using Basic License?


You can find detailed information here

Thanks @kavierkoo for your reply.

I checked https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions, some features are available under Elastic Stack Security for basic license. I have one doubt, are those features available for both single node & multinode Elasticsearch cluster?


Specifically what features are you referring to?

I am not too sure about will the number of nodes affect anything,
but I have tried single node and 3-nodes cluster on my own with basic license.
So far they behave the same.

Thanks @kavierkoo.

Actually I worked on a single node Elasticsearch cluster, there I enabled xpack security using basic license.
Now I added one extra data node in my existing Elasticsearch cluster, That's why I'm thinking whether I can use xpack security now also for multinode Elasticsearch cluster using basic license.
Can you please do one help, can you share the resources you followed for your 3-node cluster to enable xpack security?


Thanks a lot @kavierkoo.

I will go through this blog and try to implement.


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