Elasticsearch.yml automatically reloaded?

Are changes done in elasticsearch.yml automatically applied to the respective node (in other words: Is elasticsearch.yml watched by the elasticsearch process and reloaded upon change?)

Wondering if i can change network, transport and http related options at runtime without node restart. I try to renew SSL certificates for xpack-security and it looks like i need to take down a node to update ssl certificates. In the case of a root certificate change this means i need to do a full cluster restart, right?

No they are not.

Yes you do.

This is done to improve security.

what about adding the new root ca additively to the trusted CA in rolling restart manner, then update the nodes with new certificates also in rolling restart manner and optionally remove the old ca again in rolling restart manner. Would this work in the case of a root certificate change? I need to to avoid a full cluster restart cause we cannot have any downtime.

Not sure on that, is this in relation to X-Pack Security?

yes (evaluating x-pack security and search guard)

You'd be better off making a new thread in #x-pack to ask about that :slight_smile:

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