Elasticsearch.yml path config

Im currently building a cluster following hot warm arch.
I have 3 master nodes with 2 OS drives as RAID1
20 data nodes Each of them with 2 OS drives as RAID1 and 8 drives, configure as JBOD.

Based on server roles. I only want to use 2 drives for OS or master node tasks related data.

For the 20 data nodes I want to use 8 drives for ES data.

My question is when I set the elasticsearch.yml config file, should the config path needs to be different for each host baed on its role, for example for the master node config file, should it have only one path and for the data nodes should its config file have multiple paths like:


  • /data/ES



  • /data1/ES
  • /data2/ES...
  • /data8/ES

Or should the configs on both types of roles should show all the paths.

I set the path.data config based on the role, so for example master nodes will use

path.data: /data

and hot/warm/cold servers will be using


  • /data1/es
  • /data2/es
  • /data3/es
  • /data4/es

I started the cluster and seem to be ok, however I havent collect any data yet. Will this create issues in the future?, is this the right way to do it?

By the way elasticsearch version is 7
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