Elasticsearch2.0/Docker - install a plugin from file problem


I am writing a Dockerfile for our internal ELK environment and I am stuck on installing a plugin from file. I have a command in the Dockerfile of;

RUN [ "/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/plugin", "install", "file:docker/packages/elasticsearch-head-master.zip" ]

But it gives an error of;

Step 30 : RUN /bin/bash -c /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/plugin install -v file:docker/packages/elasticsearch-head-master.zip
---> Running in b8528f431ee0
-> Installing from file:docker/packages/elasticsearch-head-master.zip...
Trying file:docker/packages/elasticsearch-head-master.zip ...
Failed: FileNotFoundException[docker/packages/elasticsearch-head-master.zip (No such file or directory)]

The file is named correctly and is in the correct directory.

Any suggestions ? - I do not want to install from the Internet for production reasons.


Just unpack the plugin zip into a directoryunder path.plugins , which has the plugin name, something like

mkdir myplugin
cd myplugin
unzip myplugin.zip