Failed installing file:///tmp/

I am trying to install the analysis-phonetic plugin from a downloaded .zip file. I have copied the files to the local filesystem /tmp directory and inside the container to the /tmp directory. Below is the dockerfile that I am running to install the plugin:

FROM elasticsearch:7.17.7
RUN /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///tmp/

Below is the error I am getting while running the following command: docker build -t elasticsearch_mm .

[+] Building 1.8s (5/8)
=> [internal] load .dockerignore 0.0s
=> => transferring context: 2B 0.0s
=> [internal] load build definition from dockerfile 0.0s
=> => transferring dockerfile: 540B 0.0s
=> [internal] load metadata for Docker 0.3s
=> CACHED [1/5] FROM Docker 0.0s
=> ERROR [2/5] RUN /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///tmp/ 1.4s

[2/5] RUN /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///tmp/
#0 1.349 -> Installing file:///tmp/
#0 1.349 -> Downloading file:///tmp/
#0 1.352 -> Failed installing file:///tmp/
#0 1.352 -> Rolling back file:///tmp/
#0 1.352 -> Rolled back file:///tmp/
#0 1.353 Exception in thread "main" /tmp/ (No such file or directory)

Any idea why it can't find the file?

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