Elasticserach configuration

Hi, i'm working wirth ES 2.2.0.
I have created 3 clusters.
All of them are set with 3 master nodes, 6 data nodes, and 2 client nodes.
In my system , are install Nginx and Php fpm.
My clusters are used for:

  • cluster A to save user data,
  • cluster B to save logs,
  • cluster C to save system info.
    For now i use one load balance that use my client node to generate query,save data,etc.
    Furthermore, i see the tribe node and i think it can be helpfull for my task,,but i don't know if my config is correct.

My question is:

  • what is the best way to create a stable system with 3 or more cluster without using more than one ip address?

Which config? What's not working?

This seems like a bad idea, I wouldn't do it.

oh sry i think this post was deleted....the correct post is this: Client node vs tribe node

Well if this is the same topic being discussed, I will close this one off.

yeah but i don't know how i can close it.